Our Staff
Rev. Chauncey Biby, Preacher
Reverend Chauncey Biby is filling the pulpit as our search committee continues the pursuit of a full time pastor.
Rev. Biby was one of nine children and grew up in Maize, Kansas. He graduated from Maize High School in 1968 and married the girl of his dreams, Edna. That same year, they moved to Houston, Texas to attend Bible College. After college, Chauncey and his wife pastored three churches in Texas, one of which they pioneered. In 1973, Chauncey joined the US Army working as an Administrative Assistant in the Personnel Field at Fort Hood, Texas. During their time at Fort Hood, their only son, Bobby, was born. Chauncey served twenty-one years in the military, working in other positions in his Army career as an Inspector General for the VII Corps Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and as a Stenographer for the VII Corps Commanding General. During his military tenure in Germany, Chauncey became the first Non-Chaplain Serviceman to be Ordained in the Church of God, headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. While in Germany, he and his wife pioneered three Christian Fellowships so that the servicemen and women and their families would have a place to worship. Upon completing his military tenure in German, Chauncey and Edna were stationed at West Point, New York, where they again pioneered a new church in Walden, New York. While stationed at West Point, Chauncey became interested in Locksmithing and opened his own business (C and B Locksmith Shop) which he operated during his last two years at West Point. They were then stationed at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska where they spent three years working for the 6th Infantry Division (Light).Upon retiring from the Army in 1994, he and Edna began evangelizing, conducting revivals in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Eventually, they settled down in McPherson, Kansas where they pastored the Cherry Street Church of God for 18 months. Upon resigning in 1996, he became employed at the El Dorado Correctional Facility as a Corrections Officer One, and at the same time opened up his own Locksmith business in Eureka, Kansas (Biby’s Lock and Key. Chauncey and his wife sold their locksmith shop in 2004 in hopes of retiring so they could evangelize again. However, in August of 2004, he was promoted to the Facility Lock and Key Specialist position, and in May 2005 was selected as the El Dorado Correctional Facility Uniformed Officer of the Year. On February 8, 2006, Chauncey was offered and accepted the position of Chaplain for the El Dorado Correctional Facility.
Today, they own a home in Eureka, Kansas and Chauncey is a member of the Great Plains Locksmith Association of Kansas and the Associated Locksmiths Of America (ALOA). He was employed by the correctional Facility until he accepted a call to pastor Arkansas City Church of God in July, 2010 and retired from there in September, 2013.
Chauncey is  member of the Eureka Area Ministerial Alliance and also preaches two Sundays a month at Reece Christian Church following worship service at Christian and Congregational Church.
Joanie Cain, Office Administrator


I was born and raised in Greenwood County where several generations of my family have lived.

I graduated from Kansas State University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Ecology. Although I did not pursue a career in that area of study, God has blessed me with a variety of office administrative positions which have all been instrumental in qualifications for my position at Christian and Congregational Church. I believe that God calls us to whatever our positions are in the workforce. I began as church secretary in 2006 and have since realized that this is not only a job to me but my calling and ministry to God.

I enjoy the fact that I can be creative in what I do, creating bulletins, event flyers, newsletters, etc. The work I do is never boring.

In my spare time I am a TEAM leader at Celebrate Recovery, serve on the Eureka Area Ministerial Alliance Board, Mended Heart Ministries Board, crochet prayer shawls, and create a variety of crafts.

I’m excited about the future of Christian and Congregational Church as we continue our search for the individual God is preparing to lead us into the future.

Carolyn Harber, Moderator

I was born and raised in Independence, Kansas, graduating from high school there in 1957.  I was baptized in the Independence First Christian Church while in junior high school having attending faithfully since I was 6 years old.  I’ve been a resident of Eureka since August, 1968, and worked as a legal secretary for 27 years having retired in 1995. 

 I’ve been active in the Eureka Christian & Congregation Church since my retirement and have chaired or served on the Worship, Stewardship, Christian Missions, Membership & Evangelism, Building Renovation and two Search Committees.  I served as church board moderator from 2003-2005, 2208-2011, and 2016-2017.  In addition during some of those years when not serving as board moderator I served as church board secretary.  I served as president of our Christian & Congregational Women’s Fellowship (CCWF) from 2001-2004 and served as secretary/reporter of CCWF from 2006-2009 and have continued to serve in that position since 2011.

 I thoroughly enjoy my church work knowing that I am serving God and others as I feel that is what He wants us to do with our lives.

 James 2:20 reads in part “. . . that faith apart from works is barren?”  And goes on in verse 24 to read:  “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.”  I believe our faith calls us to action and in the Bible we find everything we need to help us faithfully carry out God’s will.

 I also believe that God wants us to be patient and that everything will happen in God’s time, not ours!